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Blairgowrie is one of the largest towns in Perthshire, sitting to the north of the city of Perth on the banks of the River Ericht. From its endless expanses of lush forest, to its beautiful, rolling green hills and fresh running rivers, it’s easy to see why Blairgowrie has a reputation as one of Perthshire’s best sources for outdoor adventure and locally grown farm-to-table food.

Enjoy the perfect visit to Blairgowrie with plenty of things to do, including family-friendly days out or adrenaline-fuelled outdoor activities. Known as the ‘Berry Toon’ Blairgowrie is the place to get freshly grown strawberries and raspberries in the many local farms and gardens across the town. Escape into this beautiful wilderness where awesome peaks like mount Blair and local hills like The Knockie can be scaled. Some of Scotland’s most iconic species can be observed in their natural environment, from majestic red deer stags to soaring ospreys, and of course, the wild beaver!

What To Do

Tee off on the town’s popular golf course, uncover stunning views as you wander through forests and woodlands and enjoy the 60-mile circular Cateran Trail that walkers can follow around the historic drove roads used by cattle rustlers against a backdrop of rolling hills. Just a snapshot of the great experiences you can look forward to in Blairgowrie.

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The Top 5 Local Scottish Walking Trails In Blairgowrie
Blairgowrie has many miles of adventurous walking trails for all walks of life to enjoy. Many of the trails are also accessible to wheelchair users up to a certain point.
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Harvest From Blairgowrie’s Best Local Foraging Locations
locals know that it’s the forests that contain a mouthwatering array of wild foods. We harvest garlic, we know the good spots for berries and almost everyone knows about the chanterelle mushrooms.
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Discover Local Ancient Ruins Along Blairgowrie’s River Ericht

Discover the ruins of former mid-19th century linen/jute mills at the heart of Blairgowrie’s River Ericht. Today, its a hit with local travelers looking to discover the rich cultural heritage of Blairgowrie.

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Explore Blairgowrie’s Historic Craighall Bridge

Take a scenic 20 minute walk from Blairgowrie’s Welmeadow where you’ll pass by the famous rural fruit fields before arriving at Craighall Bridge. From the road this bridge is very unassuming but underneath you can see that it is a very nice arch bridge. Want to explore this place on your next visit? Then read on to find out more.

The Local Map Of Blairgowrie

We’re heading to the places you never get to see thumbing through the pages of a guidebook. There are 10,000 miles and 34 shires all steeped in living history. We’ll be moving through the Scottish landscape to find great big epic stories about people and the history of their town. Enjoy exploring, Kyle.

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Watch: 5 Hours Of December In Blairgowrie

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Watch: Blairgowrie’s Historic Craighall Bridge

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