Hi, I’m Kyle. Born & bred in the Scottish town of Blairgowrie. I’m excited to be your local guide to Scotland’s towns and shires.

Simple Explorations Can Lead Us Down Paths Unimagined To Discover Tales Untold.

Hey! My name is Kyle. I’m a local adventure guide, storyteller, and filmmaker who’s been exploring towns and shires for aslong as I can remember.

In this far-flung corner of the internet, is where Scotland’s towns and shires shine their light. It’s a unique place on our map where history reveals the people who have lived in this space, worked in this space, created something amazing in this space, and have even done the unthinkable in this space.

Our task, together, is to discover those stories and to give them form and voice in the world and in the minds and imaginations of it.

Where’s The Magic?

We are local adventurers sharing Scotland’s rich cultural heritage straight from its source – the towns and shires.

And we also believe that every time we travel locally, we can support those communities.

Whether this is by sharing how to travel sustainably in Scotland, how to make sure our travel money goes where it is needed most, or even how to contribute our time to local community non-profits, small, family businesses, and grassroots projects.

We believe in exploration within local communities because the more we learn together about our place in the world the more we can influence positive social outcomes. This is where we find the magic.

And we can do this together, one step at a time, on our next adventure.

Explore Towns & Shires.

Lachlan Says...

“It’s like an escape to the country.”

Piotr Says...

“It’s about living the life and respecting the countryside.”

The River Ericht Trail

The locals know this place as ‘The Mill Toon.’

Bonnington Road, Blairgowrie

The locals believe this place to be ‘bursting with ancient magical structures that harness the midnight sun.’

Liam Says...

“This is my home and I don’t think I’d ever not want to be crafting here.”

Karlie Says...

“I think it’s important to support all local people.”

Ashleigh Says...

“Big box retailers seem to be everywhere but there’s a magical resurgence in Scotland’s local crafting community.”

Magical Mystery Tour.

A journey through Scotland means there’s no knowing where your feet may take you.

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