Exploring Blairgowrie During The Winter Season.

Holiday Special 2021.

We’re Coming Home For The Holidays!

Back in the summer of 2021, episode three took us on a magical mystery tour of the fair city of Perth and we explored their local LGBTQ+ community and then we ended that episode by visiting the local woodland park that is Kinnoull Hill.

This time, we’re coming home for the holidays to discover, well, the magic.

Come along!

Exploring Blairgowrie During The Winter Season.

When we look into what makes the holiday season in Blairgowrie & Rattray so magical, we discover that all roads lead back to ‘community.’ But what does it take to get right to the heart of it?

In this 2021 holiday special, we’re coming home to discover, well, the magic!

In this episode, we’ll indulge in a visit to Diva, a quirky local gift shop, to discover how Sara magically transforms her sidekick Shorty the Alpaca into, well, Shorty the elf, and why she believes its more important than ever to support our local shops on the high street.

Then we’ll explore the Blairgowrie Christmas Market before meeting up with our retired Blairgowrie High School history teacher, John Howie, who still lives locally across the bridge, to shine a wee light on Blairgowrie’s other half, Rattray.

We’ll discover the secret doorways hidden in plain sight which once provided the entrances to many of Rattray’s 18th and 19th-century high street shops and the fascinating story of his grandfather in a historic photograph taken on the eve of WW1 to visually discover its physical location and structure more than a century later.

Holiday Special 2021 Timestamps.

00:01 – Introduction
03:13 – Blairgowrie
04:55 – The Dome Restaurant
05:20 – Sarah Cave Silversmith
05:50 – Diva Gift Store
14:20 – Blairgowrie Christmas Market
16:05 – Rattray High Street
17:30 – John Howie
31:00 – Outro
32:30 – Credits

Our Holiday Special Videos Support Local Communities.

We filmed the 2021 holiday special video with the Scotland Loves Local campaign in mind. 

We can discover more about Scotland Loves Local and the work they do on their website and social media pages. To help keep the holidays local and support your neighbouring independent family businesses consider getting your own Scotland Loves Local Perth & Kinross gift card.

A wide range of regions across Scotland have their own region specific Scotland Loves Local gift cards so make sure to choose the one that is accepted in the town you might be shopping in.

We’re filming these videos to give back to the community and make it better for everyone. So, this is self-funded, but if you would like to make a contribution that helps us cover the basic costs or to simply give as a “thank you” gift, you can give any amount you wish to our Virtual Tip Jar online.  

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Check out VisitScotland for more information especially about LGBTQ+ Travel.

TheCourier.co.uk wrote an article about the work being carried out by Pink Saltire on the development of Perthshire’s new LGBTQ+ Community Hub which will soon be available in Perth City for all.

Other groups taking part in the development of this LGBTQ+ Hub are Perth Parrots Floorball Club | Transgender Perth | Scotland LGBT Youth Scotland | Equality Network | Perth & Kinross Council

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