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The Gateway to the Shires

From their endless expanses of lush forest, beautiful, rolling green hills, and fresh running rivers, it’s easy to see why Scotland’s towns and shires have a reputation as one of Europes best sources for sustainable outdoor adventure and locally grown farm-to-table food.

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Exploring Perthshire’s LGBTQ+ Community inside Scotland’s Historic Heartland.

This time we’re headed for Scotland’s Fair City of Perth to discover some of the LGBTQ+ friendly spaces and faces via route 57. Come Along!

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Outdoor Explore’s Piotr Gudan and why Blairgowrie’s River Ericht is the Best Place in Perthshire for Kayak Adventures.

Watch the full interview from episode two with Outdoor Explore’s Piotr Gudan.

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Exploring Blairgowrie’s River Ericht in the Heart of Scotland.

Explore ten miles of this Perthshire river packed with over one hundred years of history and heritage.   

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Perthshire Pride’s Claire MacKenzie Chat’s all about Perth’s Pride History

Watch the full interview with Perthshire Pride’s Claire MacKenzie, founder of Perthshire Pride, and discover the history of pride in the fair city of Perth.

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Perth City’s Rock’N’Beauty Salon Owner, Claire Cameron, share’s her story.

Watch the full interview to discover more.

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Perthshire’s Tammy Fluechar shares an accessible exercise program, Fit4All.

Watch the full interview to discover more.

The Showman's Wagon

“It’s like an escape to the country.” – Lachlan Rattray

Outdoor Explore

“It’s about living the life and respecting the countryside.” – Piotr Gudan

The River Ericht

The locals know this place as ‘The Mill Toon.’

Craighall, Rattray & Blairgowrie

The locals believe this place to be ‘bursting with ancient magical structures that harness the midnight sun.’

Handmade by Liam Berge

“This is my home and I don’t think I’d ever not want to be crafting here.” – Liam Berge

The Dome Restaurant

“I think it’s important to support all local people.” – Karle, Owner

Tartan Caledonia

“Big box retailers seem to be everywhere but there’s a magical resurgence in Scotland’s local crafting community.” – Ashleigh Slater

Sustainable Travel Adventures

4 Tremendous Trails you’ll Love in Blairgowrie.

Welcome to a walker’s paradise, where a network of trails winds past long lost ruins, through farmland, river gorges, and towering forest, to dramatic viewpoints of the rolling Sidlaw hills.

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9 Unique Edinburgh Castle Legends you’ll Enjoy.

Edinburgh Castle has stood high above the city since prehistory. Today, the iconic Scottish landmark shares in its fairytale with all who wander through its towering entrance.

Sustainable Travel Adventures

To Edinburgh & Back Again.

Sometimes we have to leave the familiar places in our lives and head out into the world so we can come home again and see the place and people with a fresh new perspective.

Magical Mystery Tour.

A journey through Scotland means there’s no knowing where your feet may take you.

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