Christmas & Winter Solstice in Scotland.

Handcrafted in Blairgowrie.

It’s Christmas Time And Scotland’s Magical Winter Solstice Is Alive, Spectacularly, In Blairgowrie.

As we travel together through Scotland’s towns and shires, it is important to us and the locals that we remember to contribute to the well-being and sustainability of the environment that thousands call home and whose livelihoods depend on the vibrance of a local economy.

And so with the expert help and guidance of the locals in Blairgowrie, together we created an experience that we hope will once again allow those good folks to shine their own light and illuminate the magic found in their story as only they can to anyone willing to listen.

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Let’s take a holiday journey through the Perthshire town of Blairgowrie. Together, we’ll start with exploring Blairgowrie’s Dome Restaurant to discover it’s humble beginnings back in 1905 while also asking the new owner, Karlie, what she loves about the Christmas and Winter Solstice light display in Blairgowrie. Then, we’ll meet Liam Berge, the town’s online silversmith to discover the story behind his handcrafted silver coffee beans.

Blairgowrie’s Christmas And Winter Solstice Light Display Begins Across The River In Rattray.

This year, the local volunteers behind Blairgowrie And Rattray Christmas Lights have installed a new and rather magical Christmas tree.

Every year, the volunteers brave the quickly changing weather as we move from the depths of Autumn and into the chilly winter to light up Blairgowrie And Rattray.

In our chat with Liam, he tells us that the town’s light display is solely managed by dedicated volunteers who rely on donations each year to make the magic possible.

Discover Liam’s Handcrafted Story.

So When You’re Shopping At Christmas Time, What Is Some Of Your Favourite Shops To Go Into?

“I’d say it’s hard to choose just because there is alot in Blairgowrie to offer. I think I’d be in trouble if I didn’t say my family’s shop. Come to Mitchells Newsagents on the high street, there is everything you could need in there. We’ve got Diva on the high street, We’ve got Sarah Cave Silversmith, and we’ve got the Cornerstone Deli which has a lot of things in there too.”

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