Exploring Blairgowrie

In The Heart Of Scotland.

To discover the roots of a place, we need a hearty dose of curiosity and adventure.

Who’d have thought that the collapse of the 18th century Jute and Flax Mills would plant a magical seed in Blairgowrie only to take root and give birth to the rise of soft fruit growing?

And who’d have thought that behind this fruitful event, interestingly, are a crafty bunch of folks protecting, guiding, and breathing new life into these deep seated roots with the arrival of each new age?

Explore Blairgowrie, Episode One.

Things are made to endure in Blairgowrie.

And in this new video of our discover Scotland series, we’re starting the journey by exploring this little town.

It happens to be the largest and fastest-growing area in all of Perthshire. It’s one of the most charming, creative, and adventurous towns in the region.

This shire has long been regarded as a world-leader in premium agricultural and artisanal gems, with a particular reputation for its high-quality soft fruits, game, lamb and beef, whisky and gin.

And with the abundance of summer rains, there’s always been fresh, colourful, berries grown here under those narrow polytunnels for as long as I can remember.

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We’ll be traveling through vast open Scottish countryside on an epic adventure. We’ll be visiting the places you never get to see while thumbing through the pages of a guidebook. There are 10,000 miles and 34 shires all steeped in living history. We’ll be traveling through the Scottish landscape to find great big epic stories about people and the history of their town.

Discover The Story Behind This Handcrafted Berries & Cherries Tartan.

In our latest full interviewwe’ll be exploring Blairgowrie’s magical tartan weaving workshop in this full interview with Ashleigh of Tartan Caledonia.

Discover the full story behind how Ashleigh handcrafts his unique, one-of-a-kind tartan and his views on why we should be shopping locally while traveling throughout the small, Scottish towns and shires.

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Magical Mystery Tour.

A journey through Scotland means there’s no knowing where your feet may take you.

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